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Learn why you are the way you are, and begin your journey to better relationships – with a little help from the science of Simpli5.

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People Mosaic

Simpli5 Relationships, your dynamic decoder

Our tool applies science to improve your most important connections, including the one with yourself.

See Yourself, Be Yourself

It’s high time to be unapologetically and imperfectly you. Learn how you’re wired and how to use it to become the best possible version of yourself.

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Friends & Family Sans Drama

Get the tools you need to enjoy all the people in your life, whether you chose them or not. Our customized advice mixed with a dash of your compassion make for a no-drama game changer.

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Dating Demystified

Be more prepared for every date you go on – even if they’re not The One. Use our dating clues to learn more about a person, anticipate how a date will go, and get advice on how to make it not suck.

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Understand Your Significant Other

See your SO for who they are, appreciate what you both bring to the table, and take steps to build a relationship that makes everyone in your life just a little bit jealous.

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We’ve spent over a decade unlocking individual potential and helping teams work better together at organizations like LinkedIn, Harvard and IDEO. Apply the knowledge of Simpli5 to your professional life.

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Put your career on the fast track with Advanced Professional Growth Insights based on your natural workstyle.

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Simpli5 for Teams

Explore our enterprise tool to access in-depth professional analyses, generate custom collaboration reports, and add team members.

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