The Science

Our tool applies science to improve your most important connections, including the one with yourself. And we do it in less time than it takes to make a pot of coffee.

the science

The Simpli5 Method

The science of Simpli5 is based on cognitive and behavioral theory – not personality theory. Social Psychologist and Learning Diagnostician, Michael Sturm, conducted over 25 years of research and testing on more than 10,000 subjects to get to the root of what informs people’s actions. At the crossroads of counseling, Gestalt Therapy, learning and educational psychology, Sturm’s work resulted in the methodology and assessment that now form the basis of Simpli5 Relationships.

Other tests and assessments focus on assigning you characteristics, like introversion, which might shift depending on your context. But Simpli5 reveals how you naturally prefer to focus your energy in life – from exploring new possibilities to making detailed plans to taking action. Then, when you gain that same insight into the people you care about most, you begin to accept and even appreciate what makes you different. The end game? A more compassionate, empathetic, and self-aware you.

Our Story

5 Dynamics was founded with the purpose of maximizing human potential. For over a decade, we’ve helped teams work better together at organizations like LinkedIn, Harvard and IDEO with Simpli5 for Teams. Now, we’re bringing the power of Simpli5 to your personal life.

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We’ve spent over a decade unlocking individual potential and helping teams work better together at organizations like LinkedIn, Harvard and IDEO. Apply the knowledge of Simpli5 to your professional life.

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